Thursday, November 12, 2009

I am currently attending the TD National Reading Summit. I have to tell you it is simutaneously inspiring, informative and overwhelming. There is so much to do! Out of the 150 plus attendees, the vast majority of the attendees are librarians and many are from across the country. The panelists and speakers have been discussing amongst many things National Reading Policies from other countries. Ingrid Bon, who is the Chair of the Children's Libraries Section at the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions in the Netherlands, gave a detailed blueprint of how the Netherlands has enacted their National Reading policy. The challenge for them, as well as us, is how to create a National program when there are so many different stakeholders and it crosses so many juristrictions.

One of the many interesting things I heard was that in Richmond, VA, they are able to predict the number of jail cells they will need based on Grade Two reading scores.

Elisa Bonilla, who lead the National Literacy Program in Mexico, gave the Ten Commandments to Ensure Effective Public Policy which is crucial when developing a National Reading Strategy.
  1. Long Term Shared Vision
  2. Precise Legal Framework
  3. Ambitious Goals
  4. Actions That Promote Equity and Fairness
  5. Regular and Sufficient Budgets
  6. Capacity Building
  7. Developing Human Capital
  8. Continuity
  9. Coordination of Efforts
  10. Continuous Evaluation

The effect of National Reading Policies on both of these countries has been profound; as I am sure it will be on ours!

Stay tuned...more to come.

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