Wednesday, July 21, 2010

No Vampires Here

Finding Sky is a paranormal romance that focuses on Sky, a shy British teen who has just moved from England to Colorado with her parents. As Sky tries to make friends and fit in at her new school, and she’s also very drawn to the dark, handsome and brooding Zed Benedict. Both are quite musically talented, but always seem to be at odds. It’s not until months later that Sky discovers her gift, one that she shares with the mysterious Zed. They’re both Savants who can read minds and communicate telepathically. In fact everyone in Zed’s family is a Savant, and they’ve have been working with the police to solve a high profile case. When some very dangerous criminals discover the Benedict’s connection, both Zed and Sky get caught in the fallout. Readers will identify with Sky’s feelings of being an outsider during her first days of school and her uncertain feelings about a Zed. It’s a fun, suspenseful read and a great addition to a very popular genre.

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