Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Fave Books of Erin Grittani from Mabel's Fables!

Being a children’s bookseller at Mabel's Fables means that not only am I introducing people to wonderful books, helping them to share their favourites with little ones in their lives and connecting children with inspiring, engaging, on the edge of your seat reads but that I, myself, am always reading. I go home and kick back after a long day of being surrounded by books to my very comfy couch surrounded by…well…towers of books! Here are just a couple of books, from a long list of 2015 favourite releases. I am honoured to be able to share them with you.

I finished this book and immediately had a sense of panic set in- how long would I have to wait for the next one?!?!? Action, adventure, kids needing to rise to their true potential and overcoming all odds- all with an underlying dialogue about the dangers of environmental overconsumption and the exploitation that exists in the mining industry. AND IN TAKES PLACE IS SPACE! What’s not to love??? What Sylvester did with this one is pretty brilliant- at no point do we learn the exact ages of the kids in the book, allowing readers of different ages to really see themselves in the characters’ shoes. He also uses culturally diverse names. This was a fantastic read with a major cliffhanger! BRING ON #2! (*watch out for deaths of parents for any particularly sensitive readers*)

Another 2015 love. Neil Pasricha, author of The Book of Awesome, takes a first crack at writing for children with this one and it’s beautiful! Not only visually stunning and interactive, this book introduces the concept of mindfulness to children. Increasingly, I am asked for books that focus on opening a dialogue on mental health with young ones- either at home or in the classroom. Pasricha has created a stunning book that helps teach kids about being in the moment and about perspective all the way down to the significance of a single grain of sand. With a positive, inspiring spin on mental health & carrying on the spirit of the Book of Awesome, this book has nailed it!
Erin Grittani is the BOOKS FOR SCHOOLS MANAGER  at Mabel’s Fables Bookstore in Toronto. She works directly with educators to help them curate their school collections, make curriculum ties and bring the best books into their schools. To connect with her to learn more about Mabel’s school services, please email her at erin@mabelsfables.com.

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