Friday, November 13, 2015

Top Grade

Top Grade is an initiative focused on bringing samples of new and recently published books by ACP (Association of Canadian Publisher) members to the attention of key decision makers, book buyers, and educators in school boards across Canada.
In addition to ensuring that educators are aware of the wealth of appropriate materials for schools through each new selection with publishers’ books, catalogues, promotional matter, and other material suitable for schools, there is also a conscious effort made to bring awareness to the wider literary community and the organizations, groups, and projects that publishers support through their publishing programs. Information about such organizations as the Canadian Children’s Book Centre, The Writers’ Union of Canada, CANSCAIP, the League of Canadian Poets, among others, are included with the aim of helping schools make connections that bring awareness, sales and support to members. 
The authors love it too. They are seeing more school visits and library invitations as a result. The 49th Shelf is featured as educators are readers too. The result is the receipt of many messages of thanks for filling the gap in the chain left by the disappearance of school librarians across the country. Here is one very typical response from all levels: “I cannot tell you how much these boxes are appreciated by all of us here.  We feel so privileged to have you include our schools in this promotion of Canadian publications.”
Stay tuned for spring 2016. They’ll be showcasing the wealth of diverse books published in Canada. 

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