Monday, November 9, 2015

Educators are discovering HOW TO TELL A STORY - see comments below

Teachers have been using How to Tell a Story in their classrooms and reporting back with wonderful results:

"How to Tell A Story is a veritable creative writing master class series made brilliantly accessible through playful blocks of color and category - practically an Iowa creative writing workshop for kids. [Students] will respond to Daniel Nayeri's wit and wisdom." -Gail Sider, elementary school teacher

“This is a classroom must have for all levels…I want my ELL students on this right away.” – Paul Hankins, high school teacher

“What could be better than a game that helps children become better storytellers?” – Jennifer Reed, elementary school teacher/librarian

“[An] awesome writing resource that is sure to get kids' imaginations going and their words flowing.” – Jen Vincent, Technology Specialist in K-8 school and literacy expert

This week some influential teacher/bloggers have been celebrating "How to Tell a Story Week” and writing up their experiences. Reederama made a video of how her students used the book; others have been talking up the book and receiving reader responses like "Thank you for bringing another resource into my world. I can only imagine what stories it will bring."

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