Monday, July 13, 2009

Summer reading. . .

Hope everyone's summer is going well and you've found some great reads to dip into, preferably by a lake, on an airplane to somewhere exotic, or just under a shady tree in the backyard. If we tend to have less book reviews on the blog at this time, well, to be honest, we're tired. If there is any "down" time in the book industry, it may just be these few slim weeks in July and at least in my case, there are a lot of fun activities out there competing with my reading time. I'm out on my bike every chance I get, and spending many of my evenings at the Cinematheque watching clever French New Wave films. And this is a great time to catch up on reading other publishers' books. And the classics.

Still, I haven't been entirely idle and have just posted my summer 09 reading picks. You can access them here. Some of the books won't be available until August, but you can put your holds on them now and have them to hand for the Labour Day weekend (sorry, shouldn't have mentioned the "l-word"). Happy summer reading.

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